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Langs availables in Romulus settings general options


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06 - 12 - 2020

Another update release

- FIXED Updater list extraction information.

Romulus - 0.049 - DOWNLOAD
Langs availables in Romulus settings general options

More langs can be added with your help. Just edit translation file. If you are interested email me.

* Romulus is tested under Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10.
included 64Bits versions.
Tested too on WINE for Linux and Mac .


Displaying Profile list of imported DATs.

Displaying Advanscene Nintendo DS Offlinelist DAT and images, already downloaded with Romulus.

Scanning and fixing files in 7z compressed file type.

Romulus is able to import all kind of know DAT files like Clrmame pro OLD and XML format, Romcenter, Offlinelist, MESS softlists or import using a MAME based EXE.
DAT files can be imported as Zip, Rar, 7z or uncompressed.
Offlinelist DAT information loaded to able to automatic download images or update complete DAT if update is available, can be change the filename description params like Offlinelist original application.

Multiple loaded profiles at same time displayied in tabs.

Can Scan and Rebuild files from a selected directories and fix them, this process can be in Zip, Rar, 7z or uncompressed.
If DAT information is available in scan or rebuild process can be in Split/Merged, Split/Non merged or Not Split filemode.
Scan and Rebuild can be done in a batch automatic mode.

Configure and run emulators added the correct params for the selected file.

Reports of profiles or files information with a different options and formats to export ( HTML, DOC, TXT ).

Statistics can be displayied to know the status of your files.

Log information for important processes and save log option.

Updater option to know changes and download

Different languages to select ( Work in progress ),

Many others.

Where can i find dat files to start ?
This web is a good place to start :

Where can i find ROMs ?
You may try Google but learn about laws and copyrigths in your country.

Why Romulus needs administrator privileges to run ?
Romulus is a complex application that needs complete control of your computer, for read and write to registry, read and write in system directories, etc. Don't worry for it.

When Community module will done ?
I don't know. The priority is get a good Rom Manager and when done the next step is work on Community module.

Can I help ?
Yes !!!! Get the translation file and add new language. Report me bugs found. Send me your ideas. Make a better web than this. Make a forum for web. Rewrite the tutorial with more detailed information ...

About me
I live in Valencia (Spain), and with Romulus I am trying to make a better ROMs manager than Clrmamepro or Romcenter.
The project was started when my Xbox360 had a RROD in this moment I can´t play and I started to code it :)
My current job is sellerman in a big shopping center at computers department. Really i never had a job as coder.
Project Romulus started at 08 of February in 2010.

I like computers, videogames, cinema and heavy music.
Suggestions are welcome and may be sent at

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